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Triple Money Scheme
Money has a time value because it can be invested to make more money. People put money in the bank or Financial Institution because it can help the money to grow a little bit and turn into a larger amount by earning interest, which is like a reward the bank gives to people for keeping their money in that bank/NBFI.

In this day and age of risky investments and unlimited losses in equity markets, you need a safe haven for your assets. IIDFC gives you both safety and high return on your investment. Through IIDFC Triple Money Scheme you can invest your earning and get triple return after just certain tenure. Our Triple Money Scheme gives you the option to have maximum benefit on your investment and increase your wealth further in a hassle freeway.
Terms & Conditions
Benefit will be given only for completed year(s) mentioned in above table.
Depositor may avail credit facility against deposited amount.
All government tax, levy, duty or surcharge etc. applicable to the scheme will be deducted from encashment value of the scheme at maturity of the scheme.
In case of death of the account holder, the nominee can continue it by submitting written application to us or en-cash it according to premature encashment rule mentioned above.
Why will you invest under these schemes?
To invest money in a secured and profitable scheme.
To make your money triple as you desire.
To increase your idle money.
To save your money which is going to be spent unnecessarily.
To fulfill your objective with the increased money under any of the scheme.
To increase national savings for investment.
To build up the better future for your next generations and yourself also.
Features of our services
No hidden charge.
Providing service in fair and friendly environment
Maintaining easy term and conditions
100% compliance of the term and conditions relating to the schemes
Prompt repayment on completion of the duration of the schemes and so on.
SOD Loan facilities can be availed.
Please refer to Deposit Rates for details
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