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Double Money Scheme
Double Money Deposit Scheme is a special savings scheme of IIDFC. Double Money Scheme of IIDFC entitles to double the initial one time deposit in the shortest possible timeframe. The objective of the scheme is to provide maximum benefit and enjoys highly competitive interest rates with this low-risk investment.

With the Double Money Scheme, you can rest assured your money is in a safe place and earning a solid rate of interest within the best suitable timeline. If you need to avail an overdraft against the deposit at any time you can. But better still, if you don’t need encumber your asset – we’ll double the money you receive at the end of the tenure.
Give maximum benefit.
Help in meeting specific needs like education, marriage & future financial hardship etc.
Deposit becomes double.
Tenure of the deposit has mentioned on Deposit Rates sheet.
Please refer to Deposit Rates for details
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