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Annual Earning Scheme
Earn yearly income from your deposit. IIDFC will receive an initial amount of deposits and pay yearly/at maturity profit after deducting tax & excise duty. The payment will start after the clearing of cheque/pay order/bank draft of the initial deposit. The initial deposit will be paid after maturity or rolled over at maturity.

Savings play an important role in capital formation, income-generation and creation of employment opportunities and contribute towards the increase in wealth of the individual and nation through profitable investment. The people generally try to save a portion of their income with a view to protecting themselves from future financial hardship and also to enhance their earnings for their own benefit and the benefit of their family and the nation as a whole. In this Connection IIDFC has introduced Annual Earning Scheme Deposits. IIDFC have two types of Annual Earning Scheme
  1. One Year Deposit
  2. Two Years and above Deposit
Please refer to Deposit Rates for details
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