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IIDFC Capital Limited
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Product & Services
IIDFC Capital Limited has blended its operations in a manner that the demand side and supply side of the capital market can be well covered and the needs of the customers from both the sides of the market are addressed adequately. The operations of the company, as stipulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), encompass the following broad areas:
  1. Issue Management
  2. Underwriting of issue of shares and debentures/bonds
  3. Portfolio Management Services
1. Issue Management
In this area the Company makes endeavor to bring in new companies in the securities segment of the capital market. It helps companies float equity and debt instruments in the market. The rate of issue management fee the Company charges from this operation is in keeping with the market scenario. IIDFC Capital focuses more on supply of fixed income securities (FIS) so as to bring in depth in the capital market of the country.
2. Underwriting
In this area of operation the Company helps companies float equity and debt instruments in the market by giving commitment to take up unsubscribed portion of issues and thereby encourages private limited companies to be converted into public limited ones and to issue shares, bonds and debentures for subscription by the members of the public. The Company charges underwriting commission at the rate in keeping with the market scenario.
3. Portfolio Management Services
For creating and increasing demand for securities IIDFC Capital Limited (ICL) wants to have individual and institutional investors' base and has launched two types of Investors' Accounts namely Self-Margin Discretionary Account (SMDA), Non-Margin Discretionary Account (NMDA) and planning to launch another type of Investors' Account namely ICL Discretionary Account (ICDA).
Self-Margin Discretionary Account (SMDA):
Here the customer has full discretion to design his/her portfolio of investment in securities subject to the condition that he/she will have to pick up at least 3 stocks/ securities of three sectors at proportionate value as far as practicable for use of margin loan to be provided by ICL.

We have five types SMDA Accounts namely:
01. Shuchona
02. Protiti
03. Angana*
04. Procheshta
05. Probriddhi
* Exclusively for female investors.
Non-Margin Discretionary Account (NMDA):
This is a type of Account where the investors shall have full discretion to design portfolios of investment and sale thereof and ICL will not have any option to say anything. However, ICL may at the request of the investors, extend counseling services. Here the investor has no option to avail of Margin Loan whatsoever.
Safe Invest :
Safe invest is a discretionary portfolio management product of IIDFC Capital Limited (ICL). It is a systematic investment plan, which facilitates disciplined approach of investment in capital market. It will allow the clients to invest a certain pre-determined amount at monthly interval. This flexible investment scheme will help the clients to make regular savings and wealth creation through power of compounding.
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